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The attractive Eifel countryside is ideal for many activities. The Nürburgring does not only offer a whole year of activities, but also attract many leisure opportunities in the near and around Adenau .
Lava-Dom Mendig game reserve Hellenthal "Red-Wine-Trail" "Red-Wine-Trail"; photo: Uli Frings
Experience the World in “Geyser - center  Experience” in Andernach you can learn  everything about the natural phenomenon of the  highest “Geysirs of cold water” of the world.  Interactive exhibits , experimental stations and  media installations allow access to a fascinating  scientific phenomena .
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The unique “Maar landscape” is around Daun.  Most are 20,000 to 10,000 years old. The  powerful explosions occurred in the last ice age.  In the endorheic Maarvalleys created Maarseen  in which developed multi-unit communities.
summer tobogann run Altenahr summer tobogann run Altenahr
The monastery of “Maria Laach” is always worth  a visit. With a foundation of Count Henry II, and  his wife Adelheide the Benedictine abbey was  developed in 1093. The Romanesque basilica is  known worldwide. The Laacher See lake is ideal  for a boat trip.
The “Effelsberg Radio Telescope” was built from  1968 to 1971 and put into operation on 1 August  1972. With a diameter of 100 meters, it is one of  the largest in the world.
The Kaiser -Wilhelm - Tower  "Hohe Acht" was  built on a 747m high mountain. The magnificent view over the Eifel landscape compensates for  the laborious walk. The starting point is a trail  parking lot at the L 10.
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 Adenau the middle-center of the “Hocheifel”
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Being part of a volcanic eruption is risky. In Lava  Dom Mendig you can explore such an event as  well as other geological natural spectacles to  witness and  without putting yourselfe in danger.  The interactive exhibition answers all questions  around the topic of volcanism in playful form,  impressive and understandable to the  nonprofessional. 
gouvernment bunker indoor unit holiday - domicile Pfautz The discovery region “Vordereifel” heath
In the “Game Reserve Hellenthal”, which is open  all round the year, you will keep in vain for lions,  tigers and other exotic animals. Here are living  mainly animals which are just at home in the  Eifel. Apart from the wonderful collection of birds of prey, you see wild species such as red deer ,  fallow deer (wild boar),  fox , lynx, bear, etc. 
The smallest wine-growing region known for its  red wines is the narrow Ahr. The many small wine  villages whose vineyards connects the “Red Wine  Trail”, is also worth a visit to the spa town of “Bad  Neuenahr” and the medieval-looking “Ahrweiler”.
With the “Summer Toboggan Run” Altenahr you  find a destination that makes everyone happy! For  children and young people and those who are  young  are the rides on a summer toboggan run  to the biggest pleasures that exist in the leisure  sector. 
1980, a Roman villa built between the 2nd and  3th century was found by construction work for  the expansion of the B 267 at the foot of the  “Silver Mountain” in Ahrweiler. In 10 years of  excavations there, a Roman house was  completely exposed.
In the "Documentation Site of Government  Bunker" in Bad Neuenahr- Ahrweiler you will be  informed togehter with more than 150,000 visitors  about the structure and function of the bunker  and its role in the Cold War. Out of this structure ,  the government should "organize" the 3rd world  war. 
“Dream-Lines”, 26 walks in the “Eifel  Tourismus GmbH”, the Rhine and Moselle  rivers and in the nature of the Eifel can be  found in the immediate vicinity of Adenau.  For example, the “Bergheidenweg”, the  starting point is Arft, 10 minutes by car from  Adenau. All Dream-Lines are designed  that  the traveler arrives back at the starting  point at the end of his easily performed day  hiking tour.
lava cellar lake Maia Laach "Bergheiderweg" Dauner Maare